KILLER ORANGE sticker design for iPod shuffle


Made for: iPod shuffle
Sticker edition: Standard
Availability: Sold
Take a closer look at artwork:
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This Shufflesome sticker outfit contains nine decals to cover the front, back, and sides of one iPod shuffle, for combination with both its standard USB cap and its lanyard USB cap. For more details, take a look at the packaging, or read about materials.

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Created by Dr. Alderete, Mexico City, Mexico

Experience: Illustration, comic, animation, CD/posters, typography.

Clients/Projects: MTV (Latin America, Japan, USA), Nickelodeon (Latin America, Brasil), FOX channel, Taschen, Victionary, Die Gestalten Verlag, IDN, Vans, Nike, El Pais newspaper (Spain), Clarin newspaper (Argentina), los Straitjackets (USA), The Mutants (Finland), Lost Acapulco (MX), Isotonic Records (MX)...etc. etc.

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Photo by geekonastick:
Photo of Shufflesome sticker on iPod shuffle

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Comments: 7

May 12, 05
Alex said:

Yes, i like this design. Let's produce it! Alderete its a great artist

May 12, 05
ivan TOGO said:

It`s a great desing, I vote for Alderete`s desing

May 12, 05
Carolina Rodriguez said:


Jun 19, 05
Jan said:

Design is the principal difference and hate! It's not about "sorta".
And I freakin' LOVE this design! More of this kind...

Yes, i like this design. Let's produce it!
dr.alderete rulezzzz

Aug 02, 05
mrk said:

El diseƱo esta realmente poca madre,no solamente deberia tener este skin sino hacer muchos mas


I look at my shuffle now and feel energized. Can't wait to show it off.

And it matches the orange sport case...

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