DO NOT DISTURB sticker design for iPod shuffle


This design is a visual interpretation of one aspect from my current study about Acoustical Privacy: the iPod as a potential indicator for "non-communication". Through a playful approach the sticker either strengthens the wish for privacy but also offers the opportunity to break up the silence with the direct demand for conversation.
-Marco Siebertz

Made for: iPod shuffle
Sticker edition: Standard
Availability: Sold
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This Shufflesome sticker outfit contains nine decals to cover the front, back, and sides of one iPod shuffle, for combination with both its standard USB cap and its lanyard USB cap. The stickers are made of carefully selected, high-grade adhesive foils.

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Created by Marco Siebertz

siebertz [at], Cologne, Germany

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Photo by Sven Otte:
Photo of Shufflesome sticker on iPod shuffle

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Comments: 13

Mar 07, 06
Donald said:

Cool Design! Like to have that!

Mar 08, 06
Shameel Ahmad said:

love it!

Mar 10, 06
Jayne said:

I like this design, but it would be upside down if hanging from the lanyard. =( You should make an option as to which way the text goes, and flip what side the hook is on, even though the hook placement over the buttons is very clever.

Mar 18, 06
Nick Malaspina said:

This design is absolutely amazing! Please notify me when this is produced and available for purchase!

Mar 18, 06
Joe said:

Well, I guess if you are ignorant enought to buy the iPod, then you would buy this.

Mar 18, 06
Kevin Edwards said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these upside down? I get the idea that they're like doorknob signs designed around the button on the iPod, but when one wears the shuffle with the lanyard, the text will be upside down. I like the concept a lot though.

Mar 19, 06
Karl Stephens said:

Erm.... if you use the Apple provided lanyard the sticker will be upside down. You might want to also offer the same design upside down that would appear right side up when using the Apple provided lanyard.
Karl Stephens

Yes, i like this design. I can see myself using the 'Do Not Disturb'

Mar 21, 06
Stephen said:

Good stuff! When can I buy it?

Mar 21, 06
jorge mussuto said:

estoy completamente de acuerdo:NO comunicacion!!!

Apr 30, 06
Melissa said:

This is by far my favorite design! I just wish the artists would design the stickers so that people can see them right side up when being worn on the lanyard. Whay are they all designed to be upside down when worn?

Melissa it is possible to have your sticker produced in any orientation you want. Just ask for it and it will be produced during the next print run.

Apr 30, 06
Melissa said:

Perfect! Thanks, Alex!

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